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Happy to be Suhagan


“Butterflies in stomach”! The best-expressed emotion when it comes to your “D-Day”, the day of your marriage, you will not remain single anymore, and you will become “Suhagan”. The end of your college fun, end of overnight chitchat sessions with friends, end of adventures, and many other things that you were enjoying so far being single.


 After your birthday when you saw this completely new world, marriage is the starting of another a new life. In India, it is really a new life for women specially. After marriage you are not alone, not single, you have a partner for your life. Your life takes a new direction after union of two souls, mind, heart and body with your partner. You decide to live with your partner until death does you apart. In the context of Indian marriage sentiments, it is considered as the single most high point for an individual. It is the most important occasion for the parents of both grooms and brides’ families. It is the bonding of two families, their cultures, values and habits. It is the journey from girlhood to womanhood and boyhood to manhood.


Suhagan takes initiative to make this grand life-changing event to be memorable from every aspect of life. Be it gorgeous jewellery, the sartorial splendour or the quintessential glowing skin that the groom and bride are supposed to don; or the fairy tale honeymoon that every couple desires. Not only this Suhagan will also advice you on inter caste marriage, inter religion marriage, marriage abroad, all legal aspects concerned with marriage and off course very important tips regarding marriage.


Hope our journey will be as beautiful as your journey to a new life.